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Smartie Cookies in 5 Easy Steps

Smartie Cookies in 5 Easy Steps

Who doesn't love cookies am I right?! This is an adaptation of my favourite cookie recipe, taken from These Smartie cookies are ready in just 5 easy steps and are ready to eat within 20minutes. They taste THAT GOOD, that sometimes the cookie...

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Animal Spotter Activity

Animal Spotter Activity

As you know, this month our activities focus on the topic of animals from pets through to those found in the jungle. This week we took a trip to a local park farm, Bowthorpe Park Farm and used the Farm Animal Activity Sheet from Sparklebox. (download your free copy...

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Top 10 Free Family Activities

Top 10 Free Family Activities

We all love those days out with the whole family, making the most of quality time on days off from work. However, more often than not, those activities easily end up costing a lot more money than anticipated, leaving days out to become less frequent and a question of...

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Why We Choose Worldschooling


Being able to learn through the world around them, not just from a textbook. They can explore old Roman settlements, hike up mountains, collect fossils and rocks from the beach, immerse themselves in different cultures and try local food. All of these experiences can teach them a lesson, whether it’s how they think the Romans lived, what tools did they have, equipment needed for survival up a mountain, how fossils are made and natural erosion process on a beach. The opportunities for learning are endless.

Not every child learns in the same way, at the same pace or have the same interests and strengths. Worldschooling offers our children the ability to learn at a pace that is natural and suitable for them. They aren’t pressured into taking exams, getting certain scores on a test or competing to stand out in a class of 30+ peers.



Within school, learning is segmented into subjects, topics are preplanned and activities are adult led. With Worldschooling, our children have the choice of what they want to learn. They don’t have a limited amount of time to cram in everything they want to know about a topic. They have the freedom to choose, ask questions, explore, create their own activities. We can encourage and support inquisition and curiosity, and for our own children to use their initiative and experiences to find the answers with guidance whilst they are still young.

Children learn the most through play. So why not give them the world as their playground. Let them soak up every smell, taste, vision, sound and texture they possibly can from the world around them. Worldschooling means that no matter where we are, there will always be something new for them to learn or experience. They can explore the outdoors or develop new skills inside from cooking, building campfires, role playing and gardening. There is no limit to what or how they can learn other than our imagination.





I have heard it so many times before where children are taught x y z maths equations and topics, but can’t tell the time or know how to make a simple omelette for themselves. We can teach our children skills that will set them up for life. We can teach how to cook a healthy meal from scratch, how to purchase a train ticket, how to budget and manage their finances, entrepreneurship and starting a business doing something they love. There is so much more to life than trigonometry.

Worldschooling provides us the opportunity as a family to spend even more time with one another. Time is limited with our children. We only have 18 summers together until they become adults. We want to spend as much of that time with them as possible. Sending them to school means that from the age of 4-18, they are away for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week – if not more! Learning together, we get to share and experience all adventures as a family. We can learn from each other, be creative in our approach to new and exciting topics. We get to go on this huge adventure as a family and create memories for them to keep for the rest of their lives.