If you are looking for a fun-filled family day out in Lincolnshire, Tattershall Farm Park is THE place to visit.

Tattershall Farm Park is full of activities, education, animals, and play, with a mixture of both indoors and outdoors activities. 

We have visited Tattershall Farm Park in the pouring rain to the point of huge puddles and scorching summer sun. No matter the weather, we always find ourselves spending hours here, with so much to see and do.

We personally visit Tattershall Park Farm around once every 6 weeks, if not every month and my children, 3 and 2, never get bored. Even with visiting for over two years now! It is such a friendly and relaxing environment and you can easily spend a whole day out here.

I am going to share the top things to do at Tattershall and what makes it so different from other places. But first, let’s take a look at some of the facts:

Facts about Tattershall Farm Park

Tattershall Farm Park is located within Tattershall itself, just 40 minutes drive South-East of Lincoln.

They are open every day of the year, bar Boxing Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. The farm opens for 10 am each day and closes at 4 pm between November and March, and 5 pm March to November.

Entry is incredibly reasonable for the number of activities on offer and the time you spend there. From 1st February, entry costs £6.95 per person, with under 2s free.

Plus, ensure to follow them on Facebook for additional promotions just for their Facebook fans. For example, we love attending on a Monday and staying over lunch. Each adult who pays the £6.50 entry fee, can request a cafe voucher worth £5 which can be spent in the cafe.

If you are a regular visitor, you can save even more pennies with an annual pass. This is £55 for an individual or £165 for four named people. For a family of four visiting once a month, the annual pass works out at just £13.75 per visit compared with £27.80 for four full-priced entry fees. Huge savings of £14.05 per visit!

Activities at Tattershall

As there is so much to do at Tattershall Park Farm, I am going to focus on each area to go into a bit more detail:

Outside Play

The areas outside are probably my children’s favourite activities to do at Tattershall Farm Park. There is so much variety and with the park being secure and fenced from the road, I can allow my kids to lead the way and run around freely. 

Outside, there is a range of playground items such as slides, a zip wire, and walking course. They also have a trampoline dug into the ground which is so much easier for my two to use than a standard, above the ground trampoline.

There is also a sensory musical area to explore and create different sounds with, as well as outdoor games. There is also a new Woodland Play Tower for older children to enjoy (6+).

But, my children’s favourite part of Tattershall Park Farm, has got to be the giant jumping pillows.

They love them! And, once they are on, I can’t get them off! Honestly, my kids can spend an hour on these, they have so much fun. So, if you need a five-minute mummy break, I highly recommend attending Tattershall Park Farm just for their giant pillows.

Indoor Play

Tattershall Park Farm’s indoor play is split between a few buildings. What stands Tattershall apart from a standard indoor play centre, is that they offer not just soft play, but also

  • a huge sand-filled room with diggers and tools
  • Ride-on tractors with an indoor track
  • Huge soft toddler playroom.

Plus, once a week they have a crafting activity led by a member of staff included in your entry fee, which is held in the indoor barn. 

Another note to mention is that Tattershall allows you to bring your own food on site. If you do bring a picnic, they have an indoor picnic area within the indoor barn also. So you can enjoy your family picnic no matter the weather.

The indoor areas are great, especially in winter months as it is heated, but we honestly haven’t spent too long inside as my children are definitely outdoorsy kids and love being outside come rain or shine – even though mum aka me, is stood shivering whilst they play outside mid-December!

The Animals

The farm offers a huge variety of animals to see from typical animals you would find on the farm to birds of prey, reptiles to mini-beasts.

Some of our favourite animals we have seen on the farm are:

  • Reindeer
  • Calves
  • Chinchilla
  • Bearded Dragon
  • Meerkat.

Not to mention the cat that walks around on the farm. I am NOT a cat person at all. We used to have a cat when I was a kid and it scratched my arms to pieces. But, this cat is super friendly. On our last visit to Tattershall Farm Park, the farm’s cat jumped up onto my lap and I spent the next 30 minutes fussing it while my kids jumped on the giant pillows.

Animal Meets and Education

We really thoroughly enjoy the animal meets that happen throughout the day. Tattershall farm park offers so many opportunities for you to get up close to some of the animals they have.

Pretty much every hour from 1030 in the morning till 3/330 in the afternoon, they have a different animal for you to learn about and interact with.

These are not animal shows you might find in a zoo. But Tattershall farm park uses these meets as an opportunity to help educate visitors and understand more about the animals such as their diet, where they would live in the wild and unique features they have.

During the last two years of us visiting Tattershall farm park, we have had the opportunity to:

  • Feed reindeer
  • Get up close to an eagle
  • Learn about owls and see them in action
  • Feed calves, kid goats, and lambs
  • Search for freshly laid eggs from their hens
  • Meet, learn about, and sometimes handle (depending on braveness and species) a variety of reptiles and mini-beasts such as snakes, bearded dragons, millipedes, giant cockroaches, tarantula, giant snails, and stick insects
  • Hold chinchillas.

We use each animal encounter as an educational opportunity. With the animals, we can talk about their appearance, diet, where they come from in the world, their habitat, size differences, textures, we can do counting and even letter recognition from each name card. 

The staff are excellent and extremely knowledgeable. Not to mention the patience they have with children. They have never pressured my daughter when she said ‘no thank you’ to handling the animals. And, they were so kind and patient speaking to my son about being careful and gentle when touching the animals. 

We have been rather lucky with our visits, to be honest. Being that we homeschool, and are not limited to weekend trips. Most of the time in the week (bar the summer), it’s very quiet at Tattershall farm park. Even if it’s just us waiting to meet some of the animals, the staff still dedicate their time to educate us and share their knowledge.

You never feel rushed during this time, and the staff are more than happy to answer any questions you have.

We have learnt something new every time we have visited Tattershall farm park.


Now, I’ll be honest here, most cafes I have been to which are on a farm, animal sanctuary or zoo, their food is far from delicious. And of course, I don’t blame them. More time and effort should be dedicated to the animals they look after.

In saying that, Tattershall farm park’s restaurant is delicious! The portion sizes are brilliant for the price, especially kids meals. My two actually don’t manage one of their hot meals, so we usually do a pic and mix pack up for the kids and then use the meal vouchers towards our lunch (as mentioned above, meal vouchers are exclusive to Facebook fans and only available on select days of the week).

I also recently started eating a plant-based diet and often struggle to find something I can eat on the menu. Here at Tattershall farm park, they are more than accommodating for vegans and offer vegan alternatives to the menu.

If you are a meat-eater, do not worry! My husband is a meat-eater and thoroughly enjoys their burgers and posh fish finger sandwiches.

Within the cafe, there is a small inside play area mainly aimed at little ones. It’s perfect for allowing us parents to have a minutes peace to ourselves, whilst being able to see our kids are safe and sound.

We usually have a routine of letting them play before food has arrived. Once our adult meals arrive, we let them eat their picnic with us, and then return back to the play area.

A little top tip, we usually try to aim for an early lunch sitting in the cafe around 1130-1145ish This way, it isn’t too early for the kids to eat, but at the same time, we avoid the busiest time of the day for the cafe.

If you are quick enough, this times really well finishing before you then go and walk the goats at 1230.

Though, my two aren’t fans of goats so we tend to go and meet the reptiles at 1130 and head straight for lunch after that, missing the goats.

As you can see, there is so much to do at Tattershall farm park. It truly is a great family day out in Lincolnshire, particularly if you have younger children.

On top of this, Tattershall farm park also offers a number of events throughout the year. They host special seasonal events such as visiting Santa at Christmas, an egg hunt for Easter and being able to meet different Disney princesses. 

They also hold weekly storytimes every Wednesday and often have free pony rides on weekends. 

Not to mention there superb mini-farmer experience days aimed for over 7s. This is a full 4 hour experience day with a certificate given to attendees at the end. Activities include mucking out, walking goats, grooming rabbits, filling up hay, and feeding the animals. It’s perfect for those who love animals and are looking for a hands-on experience learning about how to care for the animals on the farm. 

Unfortunately, with my kids being only 3 and 2 presently, it’s a long way off till we could attend. Hopefully, Tattershall Farm Park might consider putting on another event for younger preschooler’s. For now, we will continue to enjoy the mini handling sessions that occur during a standard day visit. 

To sum up, here are my top reasons we revisit Tattershall farm park again and again.

Reasons we love Tattershall Farm Park

  1. The staff are fantastic. They are so friendly and welcoming. They take time to answer your questions and are extremely good at what they do. Very dedicated to supporting their animals the best they can whilst educating visitors.
  2. The outdoor environment. It’s so important for children to spend time outside and the farm provides such an opportunity. There is so much to do from the wooden obstacle course to the outdoors bouncy castle, the trampoline to the giant pillows. 
  3. The variety. There is enough at Tattershall farm park to keep your kids entertained for hours. Our top favourites are the giant pillows, the small animal encounters, the indoor mini play inside the cafe, and, being able to feed a selection of animals around the park.
  4. The cafe. If you hadn’t already guessed from my earlier comment, I’m a HUGE foodie. I really enjoy eating in the cafe. Their prices are really reasonable and their portion sizes are great value for your money.
  5. The educational opportunity. Animals are close to our heart in our household. We really enjoy learning about them and hope to eventually see as many as possible in the wild as our kids grow up. Being able to meet so many species at Tattershall farm park is a chance to educate our kids, and ourselves, at a more local level whilst we aren’t travelling full time.

If you want to learn more about Tattershall farm park, make sure to visit them on their website and Facebook page for offers.

This post was not a sponsored post. This is simply to share our honest opinions and views for anyone looking for fun and educational days out in the UK.

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