Fruit Picking at Syston Park Farm, Lincolnshire.

There is nothing quite like picking your own fruit from your local farm. The mention of fruit picking brings back floods of memories for so many people. It’s an activity where families can spend quality time together whilst supporting their local farms and purchasing tasty homegrown produce.

This is just what I wanted for Georgi and Mae. To have wonderful memories of picking fresh produce together, learning about where the food they eat comes from and supporting their local community.

We hadn’t actually taken them to a local farm before, well unless you class the animal park farms in the same category. So we were really excited to find a farm very local to us, Syston Park Farm is open for the public to come and pick different varieties of berries.

Georgi and Mae are absolutely berry mad! They could eat fresh raspberries and strawberries until the cows came home. Once we told them we were going to be picking fresh raspberries and strawberries, they couldn’t wait to fill their baskets. The farm does have other berry varieties available such as tayberries, blackberries and redcurrants, but our children literally go mad for raspberries and strawberries.

Of course, the day we chose to go fruit picking at Syston Park Farm, it was raining and had been raining all night! Being hardcore (stubborn) British people, we put on our raincoats and went ahead with our plan. The bad news – my feet got soaked, note to self, invest in some waterproof wellies! The good news – not many other people were mad enough to go fruit picking in the rain, so we literally had the outdoors to ourselves.

Well, Georgi and Mae thoroughly enjoyed it. It was really fun looking for the freshest berries that were ripe and ready to be picked and eaten. Even though we were quite late in the season to be fruit picking, there was still plenty available and they were extremely tasty.

Dear Georgi just couldn’t resist the temptation and every second he thought my back was turned, one or two raspberries from his basket mysteriously went missing (sorry Syston Park Farm!) The poor boy just couldn’t help himself.

I must say, I actually rather enjoyed fruit picking in the rain. I remember picking strawberries as a kid with my dad at a local farm. But on this particular visit, it was an incredibly hot day, which is a beacon call for wasps, which I cannot stand. Due to the rain, I think we saw 2 the whole morning.

After participating in such an enduring and strenuous activity such as fruit picking, a well-deserved breakfast was in order. Not only do Syston Park Farm offer fruit picking, but they also have a very nice cafe too.

We don’t often go out for breakfasts ourselves, but the cafe looked so pleasant and the food smelt amazing, we simply couldn’t resist. The staff at Syston Park Farm were incredibly friendly and professional. The feel of the place was warm and welcoming and definitely made you want to plan a return trip.

The food itself was fresh and delicious. Everything was cooked well and full of flavour. It was great to know that the food served, if not from their farm, was locally sourced from other small businesses or farmers.

We are also really excited to see that they grow their own Christmas trees from 4ft to 24ft would you believe! I’ve always wanted a real Christmas tree in the house and since we threw out the old fake tree last Christmas, there’s no excuse not to grab a real one this Christmas. I know where we will be getting it from – though probably more around the 4-6ft mark!

It is a tad too early to be making Christmas plans just yet though! So, in the meantime, we will definitely be paying another visit to Syston Park Farm. Hopefully next time it will be a little dryer so the children can also make the most of the outdoor play area provided.

Do you have any memories of fruit picking? Share them here.

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