Our August box is bugs and insects themed. Our themed activity box is full of educational and fun activities including books, activities, and crafts. 

August is a great month for families to spend time together and explore their garden and surrounding environment.

Bugs and insects are everywhere and we can learn so much with this topic:

  • Names of each bug
  • Colours and patterns
  • Counting ladybird spots or spiders legs
  • Counting on a scavenger hunt
  • Categorising based on if they fly, walk, or slither.

**Our boxes are only available for those in the UK I am afraid due to delivery.**

The aim of our monthly activity box is to encourage learning through play, creativity, and books. Children are like sponges and when they enjoy what they are doing, they will learn so much more.

Our boxes are ideal for families looking for fun, creative based resources to promote a love for learning from an early age. 

We carefully select all items that are included within our monthly activity boxes and create all printables ourselves appropriate for preschoolers development.

Bugs and Insects Themed

Activity Box

August’s themed activity box for preschoolers includes a 15 page colouring book, 10 page busy book, x4 insect themed crayons, x4 crafts, stickers, and x1 Lanka Kade wooden figure.

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What’s included for August’s Activity Box?

Each month we include books, activities, and crafts.

For August’s bug and insect theme, we have included the following two books:

  • Usborne Peep inside bug homes
  • Usborne First sticker book bugs.

The peep inside bug homes offers wonderful images for children to explore where bugs live. From ant nests to beehives, this book is educational whilst providing fun to lift the flaps and holes to peep through and explore.

Usborne’s first sticker book bugs provide over 170 stickers for children to use within the vivid and bright colourful pages. The book helps children to learn all about different bugs and their habitats.

Our printables include a 15 page bug colouring book along with x4 bug themed crayons from Crayons with Kelly.

Plus, a 10 page busy book which includes:

  • Numbers
  • Handwriting
  • Pen control
  • Life cycle
  • Patterns
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Matching
  • Symmetry
  • Categorizing
  • Flashcards

We hand select the graphics we choose to use within our printables, ensuring that they are high in quality and age appropriate.

My husband and I then dedicate time to create fun yet educational printables which are suitable for preschoolers and will challenge them to progress but also be achievable for their age.

Finally, we also include a range of craft activities focusing on the monthly theme and to promote family time, play based learning, creativity, and enjoyment.

Our four crafts are:

  • Decorate a bug magnifying glass kit
  • Magnifying bug jar
  • Butterfly wand kit
  • Color in bug crown 
  • And stickers.

Since launching our activity box last month, we have also tried the Lanka made wooden toys.  The Lanka Kade wooden toys are eco friendly and fair trade.

We have had a great experience playing with these at home, and they are very popular with homeschooling families. Hence, we have decided to also include one Lanka Kade wooden figure per month for families to collect and play with at home.

The Lanka Kade toy included is a wooden partially painted figure which fits in with the monthly theme. 

One is allocated per box at random.

These are great for imaginary play and, once you have collected a few, can be stackable too.

In summary, for the standard sized bug and insect activity box, you will receive:

  • Usborne peep inside a bug home
  • Usborne first sticker book bugs
  • 15 page colouring book
  • X4 bug shaped crayons
  • 10 page busy book
  • Bug magnifying glass 
  • Bug jar
  • Butterfly wand kit
  • Bug color in crown
  • Stickers
  • X1 Lanka Kade wooden big figure.

Each month we also offer a mini version of the monthly themed activity box. The mini activity box includes:

  • Usborne Peep inside a bug home
  • 15 page colouring book
  • 10 page busy book
  • Bug magnifying glass
  • Butterfly wand kit.

We also are firm believers that children should be surrounded by books from an early age. Whether that’s through reading fictional stories, looking through non fiction books, or listening to audio CDs whilst looking at a book independently.

So each month we include an additional optional add on story inline with the monthly theme.

This month, you can also add on one of the following additional fictional book from the phonics readers series:

  • Bugs in a rug
  • Snail brings the Mail
  • Bee makes tea.

This series is a really lovely introduction to reading for preschoolers. It encourages children to listen for the rhythms and rhyming words in the story. The pictures are bright and engaging, offering opportunities for discussion with parents about the story.

If you’d like to order this month’s Bug and Insect themed activity box, you can do so here.