Homeschooling might seem a little overwhelming in the beginning. Most of us are used to the conventional education system, and to break out of that construct seems scary.

But when you see all the amazing parents homeschooling their kids, it becomes easier. There are so many homeschooling moms out there ready to help us make the journey easier that you feel part of a community.

And one of my favorite ways to seep all that information shared by experienced homeschoolers is through educational podcasts. I love that I can go about doing my work or driving around while listening to these podcasts.

In this blog post, I’ve listed some of my favorite educational podcasts that will be especially beneficial if you are planning to , or are already homeschooling your children. Even if you aren’t, you’ll get tons of advice and tips on parenting.

Homeschooling Podcasts

I’ve tried to list a diverse range of homeschooling podcasts, including podcasts aimed for children. You don’t have to listen to them all. Find those that connect with you and your family.

Sage Family Podcast

The Sage Family Podcast is run by homeschooling mama of 3, Rachel Rainbolt. Rainbolt promotes gentle parenting and a natural homeschooling model. Her podcasts mostly talk about how to approach homeschooling. She frequently brings in guest speakers to talk about the different concepts associated with the topic.

I would suggest listening to the Sage Family Podcast if you are planning to start your homeschooling journey or have recently started one. Packed with loads of practical advice, the podcast greatly motivated me in my initial homeschooling days.

Available at: iTunes, and Spotify.

Child of the Redwoods

Child of the Redwoods is a podcast by Aubrey Hargis. This podcast is aimed at preschooling moms. You will find advice on activities you can do with your preschooler, tips on how to manage difficult situations while homeschooling, and a unique perspective to your toddler’s mind.

Available at: iTunes, and Spotify.

Read Aloud Revival Podcast

The Read Aloud Revival Podcast features the voice of Sarah MacKenzie, homeschooling mama of six kids. Her focus is on helping kids love reading and the love for learning. She talks about how homeschooling can be frustrating, but how it helps in developing a strong parent-child bond.

Available at: Spotify

Wild + Free

The podcast Wild + Free combines the stories of several homeschooling mamas.

I would recommend adding to your list of educational podcasts if you are looking for a community where you can not just get ideas, but find stories of similar homeschooling mamas. They also release monthly content bundles that help with planning homeschooling activities and lessons with your kids.

Available at: iTunes

Homeschool Sisters

The Homeschool sisters podcast is amongst the top 10 K-12 podcasts in the UK. Sisters, Cait, and Kara believe that homeschool is easier because they have each other to motivate and turn to. It’s a fun podcast with loads of ideas, and a very friendly casual tone. You will see them discussing pain points for homeschooling moms and how to deal with them.

Available at: iTunes and Spotify

A Delectable Education

A Delectable Education is a podcast run by three moms, Emily Kiser, Liz Cottrill and Nicole Williams. If you are following the Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling, then this might be a podcast you should tune in to. This podcast will also be valuable to teachers with tons of resources and activities.

Available at: All the podcasts are uploaded on their website.

Your Morning Basket

Run by Pam Barnhill, Your Morning Basket is another homeschooling podcast that tells you the story of a homeschooling mama. Pam believes that a mom is a child’s first and best teacher and so her decision to start homeschooling. She is an English major and an award-winning educator.

There’s a very cheery aura in this podcast. She talks about morning time in homeschooling. This is the time when the entire family sits down together, and you can discuss the plan for the entire day. Pam encourages this morning time and gives ideas on how to incorporate it.

Available at: Spotify

Sam Sorbo’s Homeschooling Podcast

Filmmaker, actress, model, host, author, mother, homeschool advocate and education activist, Sam Sorbo does a Live podcast weekdays 3pm to 5pm ET on Mojo50 radio.  

Sorbo homeschools her five children. Her podcast talks about politics and religion along with her homeschooling journey. Since Sorbo’s children are all teenagers, you will find loads of useful information and tips for homeschooling teenagers.

Available at: iTunes, Shopify and

Heidi St. John

Author of seven books and mom to seven kids, Heidi St. John has homeschooled some of her kids till high school. If you are looking for a homeschooling podcast with an inclination towards the Bible, Heidi’s podcast is great. She brings in different speakers on her podcast to discuss issues mothers in general face in raising kids. Her podcast isn’t just for homeschooling moms, but for all moms looking for answers on different social-cultural issues.

Available at: Spotify

The Parenting Junkie

The Parenting Junkie is a podcast by Avita, mom of four kids. Avita’s podcast speaks about peaceful, mindful parenting. Avita is also a mindful parent coach who wants to empower the ordinary imperfect mom.

On her podcast, Avita discusses some issues moms are usually facing- from decluttering toys to boosting self-esteem. Her tone is friendly and very relatable. You will enjoy listening to her podcast if you are a mom striving to build better relations with her kids (aren’t we all).

Available at: iTunes, Google Play, Spreaker Stitcher, Player FM and Castbox

Rebecca Spooner Homeschool On

Moms to five kids, Rebecca Spooner doesn’t claim to have all the answers. Rebecca was herself a homeschooled kid, and made the decision to homeschool her kids too. She’s also an author and speaker focusing on education and homeschooling.

Rebecca strongly believes that children grow more strong and more independent in a homeschooling environment. They develop a love for learning. And you will see this belief reflected in her podcasts where she talks about how to create a calm environment during homeschooling to make it fun for the kids.

Available at:

Brave Writer Podcast

Brave Writer is a podcast by Julie Bogart, another exceptional homeschooling mother of 5 kids. Bogart loves kids and writing, and this is something she combines in her blog and podcasts. On her podcast, she talks about parents and kids both on a learning journey together. And how to make this learning journey fun and wonderful.

Julie often brings in guest speakers and other moms to get a fresh perspective on learning and growing with your kids. She also conducts writing courses for parents as she believes when parents are better writers, they can help their kids write better.

Available at: Spotify.

Elevating Motherhood

Lori Beth, work at home mom of three kids, a blogger and a homeschooling mom, can be heard on her podcast Elevating Motherhood. Apart from homeschooling, Lori talks about pregnancy, self-care and health. You will find her podcast very helpful on different aspects of motherhood, with a lot of focus on self-care and health.

Available at: iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, Google Play, Stitcher, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Radio Public, Overcast, Pocket Casts, and Breaker.

Homeschool Unrefined

Looking for a fun way to homeschool your kids? Something that’s unlike the way our kids have been taught at school till now?

Run by two moms, Maren and Angela, the Homeschool Unrefined is a podcast that will change your view of the education concept. Both friends talk about the questions plaguing new homeschooling moms or moms who are interested in the homeschooling concept. You will also see them featuring other moms who homeschool in their podcast.

Available at: I Heart Radio, Spotify and Google Play.

The Babyproof Your Homeschool Podcast

Genie Shaw is the voice behind ‘The Babyproof Your Homeschool Podcast’. Shaw is a mother homeschooling her seven children in Texas. She is also a homeschooled child so you’ll see a lot of practical advice from both the mother’s perspective and also an understanding of the child’s perspective.

Available at: Spotify and Stitcher 

Schoolhouse Rocked

Schoolhouse Rocket is a podcast for both new and seasoned homeschooling moms looking for support and encouragement in their homeschooling journey. The podcast has a strong inclination for Biblical teachings including resources and tips to help you homeschool your kid in the biblical light. Even if you are a secular parent, or belong to a different faith, you will still find this podcast very helpful.

Available at: Spotify

Homeschool Sanity

Currently homeschooling 6 kids, and with a degree in Psychology, it seems like Melaine Wilson really gets it. Wilson is a devout Christian and this reflects in her podcasts and her blog. You will also see her talking about specific topics that homeschooling moms might find challenging.

Available at: Spotify

Homeschooling IRL

Homeschooling IRL or homeschooling in real life is another podcast you might enjoy if you are Christian homeschooling mom. You will see them covering so many different topics that are often not explored in other podcasts such as money saving tips for kids, and seasonal allergies.

Available at: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and Spotify

Homeschooling Podcasts For Kids

Whether we are homeschooling our kids or not, most of us are interested in screen-free activities to stimulate and entertain our little ones. And these podcasts for kids can be just the right solution.

I would suggest listening to these podcasts with your kids to discuss it later on, and often kids are more accepting of new things when their parents join in.

But Why

But Why isn’t a podcast just for you. It’s a podcast for your kids (you’ll find it equally fun). A podcast where kids get answers to questions. Kids submit their questions and host Jane Lindholm or her expert speakers answer them. The podcasts cover topics like space, history, natural science, poetry and civics. You can also submit your kid’s 1001 questions on the podcast by emailing or calling them.

The podcast is recorded live on, and then later available at iTunes, Spotify and other podcast channels.

Available at:, iTunes or Spotify

Science Adventure Stories

Another one of my favorite educational podcasts for kids. Hosted by Simon, Science Adventure Stories is a fun podcast that covers science facts. The podcasts move like an adventure story. With great sound effects and fun jokes.

If you are looking for some informative screen-free activities, get your kids to listen to this podcast.

Available at: Spotify, and Pod Bean


Another podcast for the kids. As the name suggests, the podcast tells audible stories. There are loads of stories kids can listen to, from stories about frogs to pirates and witches. All the stories are written by Bertie and Jana, the founders of the podcast so these are fresh stories with often a lesson for the young learners.

Available at: iTunes and Spotify

Circle Round

Circle Round is a unique podcast created by parents of young kids. These podcasts appeal to the kids between the ages of 4-12 years, with stories from the world over. What I love about the podcasts are the topics that are picked by parents, such as kindness, and generosity. You will also find mini-activity ideas at the end of sessions as an extension of the learning process.

Available at: iTunes and Spotify

Stories Podcast

You can add The Stories Podcast to your list of educational podcasts to listen with your kids during long car rides. Most of the stories are the ones that we grew up with ourselves such as Peter the Rabbit or even fairy tales like Snow White.

Available at: Spotify and iTunes

Tumble Science

A podcast for young scientists, Tumble Science is hosted by husband and wife, Marshall and Lindsay. They talk about how different scientific discoveries and inventions were made. For instance, in one of their latest podcasts, they take you on a journey to explore how the wheel was invented.

Available at: Spotify, Google Podcasts and iTunes

Brains On

Brains On is an award-winning podcast for both kids and adults, curious about the world they live in. In this podcast, you will hear kids co-hosting the podcast with Molly Bloom. Kids are called on the show to ask their curious questions as they explore the answers with Molly. You, and your kids can also submit your questions to the podcast.

Available at: iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Radio Public, i Heart Radio, Spotify, Tunein, NPR One, RSS

These are just some of my favourite homeschooling podcasts for my family and I. During the start of my homeschooling journey, some of these podcasts listed above gave me encouragement to continue even after the difficult days. You find that you aren’t the only ones who are overwhelmed in the beginning, and there are others who are facing the same and finding ways to solve these challenges.

I know there are so many others you might be enjoying. Let me know your favourite ones so we can keep adding to the list to make the ultimate podcast list for homeschooling moms.

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