I don’t know about you, but my children are very much the outdoorsy crafty type. Anything that allows them to explore, get creative and usually thoroughly messy, is when they are at their most content and happiest.

Creating a leaf man combined all of the above, enabling to go out on a nature walk and hunt down fallen leaves and wildflowers. For them to come home and enjoy being in charge for once, telling us which leaf should go where and whether to add the head or arms next.

Leaf Men by Georgi & Mae, 2019.

This leaf man activity is so simple and easy to do and honestly does not require many materials at all. Not only that but it provides so much educational potential in just one activity

  • Going out on a nature walk, searching for different colours or naming flowers, trees and animals we see along the way
  • Looking at the sizes of each leaf and seeing what would be best to use for different body parts, e.g. longer leaves for the legs, shorter for the arms.
  • Naming body parts – head, eyes, body, arms and legs
  • Enabling their creativity to flow and be in control of their own learning, making choices of what to use and where to place them on the paper.

What You Need:

  • A bucket (to collect leaves and things)
  • Leaves, flowers, grass, acorns, seeds
  • Paper (we personally used A4)
  • Glue or Tape and Scissors
  • Optional: Googly Eyes
4 images showing how to make a leaf man with leaves, paper, glue and flowers.
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This craft was initially inspired by My Mommy Style’s Leaf Man activity, which you can check out here: https://www.mymommystyle.com/fun-leaf-people-craft/

My kids loved all elements of creating their leaf man, from the nature walk through to sticking different materials onto paper (let’s be honest here, so did we!) My son obviously required a bit more support, being only 1 year old, however, my 3-year-old daughter was more than capable of making choices, telling me which body part they represented and when she wanted help with tape or glue.

How To:

  1. Put on your wellies and weather appropriate clothing, grab a bucket and take a walk around your nearest park or woods.
  2. Collect different coloured and sized leaves (watch out for those sharp ones). You can also collect different materials your children find, depending upon the time of year e.g. dandelions, daisies, acorns, pinecones.
  3. Once home, layout everything you have collected on your table.
  4. Grab a piece of paper and begin with choosing a leaf for the body, sticking this in the middle of the page.
  5. Children can then continue to choose what they would like to use for the head, arms and legs.
  6. They can then add more features, if they choose, such as hair, facial features and even decorate with flowers and seeds.
  7. Allow time to dry and here you have your very own Leaf Man.

*Note that depending upon the materials used, glue doesn’t always stick items down very well. We had very bouncy leaves due to making this in Springtime and hence had to use tape instead.

If you have been inspired by this activity and created your very own Leaf man, send us a picture for us to share on the blog.