Each month we release a new themed activity box. July’s activity box is Dinosaur themed. Dinosaurs are incredibly popular with little ones so what better way to encourage a love for learning all about these giant prehistoric creatures, than through our monthly activity box.

**Our boxes are only available for those in the UK I am afraid due to delivery.**

Our themed activity boxes are aimed at homeschooling families with preschoolers. Each box is designed to:

  • instil a love for books and reading early on
  • provide hands-on learning activities
  • encourage family time and creating opportunities for making memories together
  • share a passion for storytime with the whole family
  • take the stress away having to think of and create your own educational materials and resources.

Each activity box covers a range of products. We offer a mini and full version to ensure that our boxes are accessible for different budgets and needs. Within each box, you will receive:

  • Books
  • Printables
  • And Crafts.

Dinosaur Activity Box for Preschoolers

Order your activity box for July here. Dinosaur themed and a choice from the mini or standard size box with optional add-on storybook and CD.

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Our Books

Books are a brilliant resource to use for homeschooling and excellent to introduce as early on as possible in a child’s life. 

As homeschoolers ourselves, we rely on books on a daily basis. We love to offer a range of books for our children to refer to and look through from fiction to non-fiction, picture books to encyclopedias. 

Offering age-appropriate books which are accessible to kids allows them the chance for exploring on their own, or with a grown-up. It encourages a love for reading early on and can help children develop the skills of finding information for themselves using books.

The books we select for our activity boxes come from Usborne. As an Independent Usborne Organiser, I have a lot of first-hand experience using their books for homeschooling.

Usborne books are durable and long lasting. So many of them are educational, with high quality pictures throughout. They offer a huge amount of titles (over 3000!) so if you are looking to homeschool via topics or follow interest-based learning from your children, there is a large variety of books you can select from. 

Hence, within our activity boxes, I want to provide high quality and long lasting books which will engage your children and benefit them. 

Not only can Usborne books tick these requirements of mine, but they also offer interactions from lift the flaps to sounds, finger trails to follow to textures to feel. Plus, many have additional resource links via the usborne website which extends learning beyond the physical book.

For our preschooler box, we are including the following titles (subject to stock availability):

  1. Usborne Pop-up Dinosaurs
  2. Usborne Dinosaur Magic Painting
  3. Usborne Little Wipe-Clean Dinosaurs to Copy and Trace

Within July’s Mini Dinosaur activity box, the Usborne Pop-up Dinosaurs book will be included.

You can also add on an additional extra book to support and encourage reading from an early age. A lovely title available in hardback with a CD: The Dinosaur who Lost his Roar.

Our Printables

If you have been following GeorgiMae for a while, especially on social media, you’ll know that we create our own educational printables for children between 2-5years.

Our printables are bright, fun, colourful, and educational. We offer a range of printables including but not limited to:

  • Handwriting practice
  • Learning ABCs
  • Counting and simple maths
  • Busy books
  • Colouring packs
  • Culture themed bundles.

With each month’s activity box, we create a special mini busy book (full activity box only), colouring book, and flashcards to match the monthly theme. These are exclusive to our activity boxes and will not be available for sale in our shop till the following month.

For July, we are including:

  • Mini busy book with dinosaur handwriting practice, letter Dd recognition and writing, counting 1-10, and dinosaur pattern matching (full activity box only)
  • Dinosaur matching activity
  • Printable puzzle ordering 1-10.

Our Crafts

We hand select the crafts that are included within each month’s activity box. July’s activity box is dinosaur themed, so we have been careful to select crafts that are a) age-appropriate and b) match the theme.

This month, you will receive the following crafts for both the mini and full activity box:

  • Dinosaur Stickers
  • Colour in Dinosaur Mask
  • Dinosaur Scratch Art Magnet

Plus, if purchasing the full sized activity box you will also receive:

  • Dinosaur Gliders
  • Dinosaur Egg Kit

Cost and Summary

In total, here is what’s included for each subscription box:

July’s Dinosaur Activity Box (Mini)

  • Usborne Pop-up Dinosaurs Book
  • Dinosaur mini busy book 
  • Flashcard matching game
  • Dinosaur Colouring pages
  • Stickers
  • Colour in Dinosaur Mask Craft
  • Dinosaur Scratch Art Magnet Craft
  • Optional Add-on: Usborne Hardback story with CD, The Dinosaur who Lost his Roar

July’s Dinosaur Activity Box (Standard)

  • Usborne Pop-up Dinosaurs Book
  • Usborne Dinosaur Magic Painting Book
  • Usborne Little Wipe-Clean Dinosaurs to Copy and Trace 
  • Mini Dinosaur Themed Busy Book
  • X1 Printed Dinosaur Counting Puzzle
  • Dinosaur Flashcard Matching Game
  • Dinosaur Colouring pages
  • Stickers
  • Colour in Dinosaur Mask Craft
  • Dinosaur Scratch Art Magnet Craft
  • Dinosaur Glider Craft
  • Dinosaur Egg Kit Craft
  • Optional Add-on: Usborne Hardback story with CD, The Dinosaur who Lost his Roar
Dinosaur Activity Box

Both boxes include free delivery plus additional bonuses such as a discount coupon for our shop, books, or classes. Plus, a reward program for our valued customers to gain free gifts.

Our mini activity boxes are priced at £14.95 and our full version activity boxes are priced at £29.95.

The optional add on hardback book with CD, The Dinosaur who Lost his Roar, is available for an extra £5.99

Order Your Dinosaur Activity Box here.

These are not a monthly subscription. You can of course purchase them each and every month, but we set them up as one-off payments so families can choose which themes suit their children and homeschooling. 

For example, if your children love dinosaurs, July’s activity box would be a great investment. Whereas, say we then offered a bugs activity box which wasn’t a topic your children were interested in, you wouldn’t be tied into purchasing it.

If you would like to order your July’s Dinosaur activity box, click through here to place your order and you will receive your box during July.