Mae with her animal spotter sheet

As you know, this month our activities focus on the topic of animals from pets through to those found in the jungle. This week we took a trip to a local park farm, Bowthorpe Park Farm and used the Farm Animal Activity Sheet from Sparklebox. (download your free copy from Sparklebox here Farm Animal Activity Sheet). This sheet was fantastic in that it clearly showed pictures of some common farm animals you might see and small boxes next to each. Depending on your child’s age, they could either just tick the box next to each animal they see or write the number of each animal.

With Mae being only two and still learning how to count, we focused on just animal spotting and learning to recognise each animal. When I showed her the sheet to fill in, I was so surprised. Her whole face lit up and she was so excited. She immediately went ahead naming all the animals she knew and telling me the sounds they make. Once at the farm, we looked at each animal one by one. We started with confirming the name, listening to their sound and replicating it. I then sat with Mae and asked her where is the horse (for example). Mae easily spotted the correct animal and together we filled in the tick box. After doing this twice together, she was then able to fill in the boxes independently. She did need a little help with spotting donkeys and goats which were at the farm we visited, mainly because donkey was not on the list and she had not seen a goat before. Mae did so well though, I really think this is a fantastic activity for all ages. Even Georgi, who is only 11 months so couldn’t complete the sheet, loved seeing the animals. You can even extend the sheet further by discussing size, colour, which animal is the loudest, which is your favourite animal etc.

Mae spotting some sheep in the next paddock

Goat spotting with Daddy


Pig spotting with Daddy



Have you used an activity sheet before when looking at animals? Sparklebox has a range of animal activity sheets which would be suitable for a woodland walk, zoo visit or simply taking a trip to the park.

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