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We’re your average family of 4 living in the quiet UK countryside with our dog. But, we have a huge vision to take our family on the trip of a lifetime, living out our biggest dreams one day at a time.


Why show pictures of giant African elephants, when we can watch them in their natural environment in Africa?


Why learn about fossils through books, when we can go fossil hunting on the Utah-Colorado border ourselves?


Why read of fairytale castles, when we can go on a road trip to see 100s of castles around Europe?


This world that we live in is remarkable and life is just to short to see and hear about it through books or watching TV.



Andy and I (Catherine) are passionate to show this world and what it has to offer to our children, Georgi and Mae. We hope to educate and inspire them through this adventure and create new memories one day at a time.


I have been excited about travel and the world we live in for as long as I can remember. Hearing stories from young and old about their life abroad, the people they’ve met, the animals they’ve seen and the great wonders of the world they’ve been lucky enough to have witnessed. Every travel story has always sent goosebumps down my spine and I knew I would never be satisfied settling in one place my whole life.


My husband Andy began to share my thirst for travel when I convinced him to join me backpacking around Thailand for a month in 2014. He hasn’t looked back since and we work towards our travels every day.


Our children love exploring and enjoy visiting new places. They thrive on being outdoors and surrounded by animals. So, naturally, we feel now is the time to begin our road trip for life.



What you can get from GeorgiMae

Through this blog, GeorgiMae, we wish to capture our adventures and Georgi and Mae’s educational progress. We know that we aren’t the only family out there looking to make the jump from a safe, comfortable life to life on the road with new experiences and a lot to learn along the way.


We hope to provide top tips and share our lessons learned during our journey from small holidays to travelling full time. Not forgetting of course, how to travel with our beloved dog.


Our aim is that within the next two years, we begin our life on the road full-time, beginning with Europe as it is just a short hop across the border for us here in the UK. Not to mention the incredible beauty and sites to be found within this continent.


‘Travelling: It leaves you Speechless, then turns you into a Storyteller.’

Ibn Battuta.


Hello, welcome to GeorgiMae!

We’re Catherine, Andy, Georgi, Mae and not forgetting our beloved dog, Suki.

We love exploring and going on new adventures together, creating everlasting memories. Our kids thoroughly enjoy anything related to being outside, animals or music.

Our hope is to show our kids the world, travelling one small step at a time.

We are super grateful and excited that we can share all our adventures and inspire you too.

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