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Launched in 2018 for mums and mums to be looking for guidance on topics surrounding family and motherhood, along with great resources to help ease your experience during this wonderful journey. This blog is quickly becoming a fantastic community of mums and mum to be across the world helping to EMPOWER each other.

Are you looking for answers as to what activities to do with your kids?

Unsure how to start your baby on food or which method to use, puree or baby led?

Maybe you just want a place to escape to and to read that you are not alone in never being able to pee without an audience or feeling like a good day is you and the kids surviving when juggling 2 under 2 or whether or not mums ever have fun in the bedroom again?

Well, I am here to tell you, Mum you are doing a bloody good job and are not alone!

The road into and throughout motherhood is by far the most challenging, steep learning curve I have personally ever experienced. But, it is also the most rewarding, giving, exciting and enjoyable challenge you’ll ever have the pleasure of experiencing. I am so excited to be able to create this blog, building a safe and trusting community of mums and mums to be, who share the ups and downs of parenting side by side and empower each other to feel like the best goddam mum on earth (even if it is 1 in the afternoon with your hair thrown up in a mum bun and no one’s even dressed yet)!

Here are just a few topics you’ll find in this blog that I hope you can relate to, as well as guides and top tips to make life as a mum that little bit easier:

– The TRUTH about puree vs BLW

– How to survive with 2 under 2

– Just had a baby: S*** what now?!

– The key to a successful relationship AFTER kids

– How to get fussy eaters to eat more vegetables

– Top 10 toys for babies

– Postnatal depression: It’s not just a mum thing

– Is sex off the table FOREVER?!

– What they don’t tell you after birth

– Ways to involve your toddler with your newborn baby

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A little more about me.

Me, 2018.

Now, I haven’t always had a background in blogging! When my eldest was born, Mae*, I actually studied for my PGCE in Primary Teaching. I love being able to inspire young people, be surrounded by their positivity and love for life. But, it did mean that in order to do this, I had to leave my, then 5month old baby, with someone else 5 days a week. This was not what I had envisioned when starting a family.

Low and behold, a few months later, we found out we were expecting our second child, Georgi*. Like so many mums, I was facing this awful daily battle inside me of leaving my child every day with someone else to go off to work, when all I wanted to do was be with her and soak up every moment of her growing up. This was such an emotional roller-coaster until she was 1.5 years old. Now, at this point, I was coming to the end of my course and heavily pregnant. I knew I didn’t want to give up this precious time with my son that I had already regrettably lost with my daughter.

So, like 1000s before me, I looked into other means of making an income and working from home. I actually joined a networking marketing company called Arbonne, based on their values and ethics, which I still am a part of now and absolutely love. With Arbonne, you gain so much in yourself and I was starting to do something for me again, gaining my identity, not just Mae and Georgi’s Mum. I learnt how to make friends again as I had become extremely isolated by becoming a parent. But what I did miss, was the incredible environment of being around young people, the fun, the laughter, the opportunity to make such a difference so early on in somebodies life. Again, I felt like a part of me was missing. I actually found ways you could teach online. This was fantastic! A way I could still remain at home with my family yet work with young people across the world and really help them succeed in their education. However, it isn’t as picture perfect as it seems. Teaching children the other side of the world does mean you have set teaching times which are non-negotiable, which, for me, means teaching in the middle of the day 5 days a week. Goodbye flexibility and being able to take my children on days out and groups that cross into those teaching hours.

My daughter and I, 2016.

4month old Georgi*

A Civil Moment of Row Row between Siblings.

This is when I found the world of blogging and boy am I so grateful!

Throughout my short time being a mother, I have spoken to other mums, read posts on mum forums and read other mum’s experiences online. It suddenly dawned on me that, being a mum wasn’t just a huge overwhelming experience and learning curve for me, but for so many other women out there! Not only this, but there is so much information and conflicting at that, that it is so incredibly hard for mums to know where to turn, what to believe, which choice to make. Did you ever face any of these choices as a new mum, I know I sure did:

– Natural birth vs drugs vs c-section

– Breastfeeding vs bottle feeding

– Stay at home vs sending them to somebody else, whether this be nursery, childminders or family

– Baby food – puree vs BLW and if puree do you make your own or buy from the shop

– What groups to attend

For any new mum, it is an absolute mind field out there of information from all angles and directions, which can make it really hard to know where to turn. This is why I am so excited that you are here so that I can try and narrow down your search and help you with honest and genuine experiences, as well as providing reliable and knowledgeable information and resources. There are online courses, free webinars, video demonstrations and free PDFs, such as recipes and activity lists to name a few.

I want to help you to feel empowered by taking back control through knowledge and advice. If you are interested, I specialise in topics such as baby feeding, healthy eating, family-friendly meals as well as activities to do with a baby, toddler or the family.

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Thank you so much for taking a look at my site. It means so much to me and I am so grateful to you.


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